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Bonsai Classes

March 17, 2018 -- The basic beginner's class lasts approximately
3 to 5 hours, and is a private to semi-private class.

The class is $350.00 per person, in advance (or $300.00 each for a couple).  This fee is non-refundable.  If you need to reschedule your class, please call us at least 24 hours prior and we will be glad to reschedule.  Call us at 817-534-3220 to schedule your class.

In this class you will learn the basics of how to make a shohin-size (up to 8") bonsai, styling, potting, and maintaining.  This is a hands-on class.  You start with plant material and at the end of the class you will have a complete bonsai that you have made yourself.

Items needed for class are:

   tree material

   wire, 1.5mm ($8.59)

   pot (vary in price from $8 and up)

   drainage mesh

    bonsai soil

   recommended tools:                                                     alternatives:

-   Japanese bonsai shears ($29 and up)               -   sharp-pointed pair of scissors

-   Japanese root rake ($13)                                       -   a regular table fork

-   Japanese wire pliers ($72)                                    -   needle-nose pliers

-   Japanese wire cutter ($58.95)                               -   diagonals/wire cutters

Any of these recommended tools that you don't already have, we stock at our store.  If you want to try out Japanese tools, we have sets for rent.


BEFORE CLASS:                       DURING CLASS:                    AFTER CLASS 

                                                                                                         (finished bonsai):




We also offer advanced classes on any style and type of tree you would like to make and we do

individual classes along with styling services on your individual tree.  We also do house calls;

call or email for particulars.


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