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Our pre-bonsai have been root-pruned and placed in shallow nursery containers in order to facilitate the bonsai process. They are lightly sculpted so the finished bonsai can be all yours.

We grow from seed, take cuttings, use nursery stock, and collect trees.  They range from 1/4" caliper and a few inches tall to 3" caliper and 3' to 4' tall.

We understand that everyone would like to have collected trees for bonsai (there are some qualities only nature can imbue), but are not able for one reason or another.  So we have started this portion of our business to help in this area.

We carefully gather trees that fall into three categories.  Some trees may come under one or have characteristics of all three!  First is a wide spreading root base, second is one with movement in the trunk, and third is something interesting or different that can make a unique bonsai.  When our bonsai artists collect trees, it is always with the health of the tree in mind.  We do not collect a large quantity of trees with the hope of a few living.  They are root-prunded upon collection, then before being placed for sale they will have fully recovered with vigorous growth .  Trees will sometimes hybridize in nature so the exact species may not be known; however, we do try to get as close as we can.  We do guarantee that the picture shown is the tree you get; first come, first served.  Enjoy!

Not nearly all of our pre-bonsai are shown on our website due to the extraordinary amount of time it takes to publish pictures.  So, please come by the nursery to see our creations, or if you are looking for something in particular that you do not see on our website, call us at 817-534-3220.



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