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We stock Joshua Roth Bonsai Tools.  They are the best tools with the longest warranty (3 years) of any bonsai tool manufacturer we know.  When we were deciding on a brand of tool to carry, we drew from our own personal experience as well as talking with many other long-time bonsai enthusiasts.  We settled on Joshua Roth Bonsai Tools.  We are impressed with the tools which have a long tool life due to the quality of the metal and craftsmanship.  To further satisfy us with this company, we flew to their home office and met with the president and staff.  This was the last confirmatiion we needed that Joshua Roth Bonsai Tools were for us!


-   Ashinaga Shears are your primary and most important tool.  You will use it most of all.  My ashinaga shears and straight tweezers in my belt pouch are with me at all times.  The shears are a general purpose tool used for cutting smaller limbs, general trimming of foliage, leaves, and maintenance pruning.


-   Tweezers are used for getting into small places where your fingers cannot; getting inside foliage, removing dead leaves, pine needles, bugs, and any foreign matter that has blown or fallen into your bonsai.


-   Concave Cutters are used when you want a cut flush on a branch.


-   Wire Pliers are used for wire manipulation, close, tight bends.


-   Wire Cutters are used for cutting and removing wire.  These are imperative for removing training wires.


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